Course Content


1 - Let's Examine the Basics



In this activity, the pre-requisite reading’s Final Examination on basic QC and Measures of Central Tendency worksheet will be reviewed with participants.  Tools to calculate mean, standard deviation (SD), and coefficient of variation (CV) will be introduced and used throughout the workshop.

Key Message

  • The mean, SD, and %CV are foundational statistics used with QC
  • Given a data set, the mean, SD, and %CV can be calculated.
  • Calculators, spreadsheets, and online resources are available tools sites can use with their QC data.

Self Assessment

Can you: 

  • Calculate the mean, SD and %CV from a given data set?
  • Utilize the tools introduced to obtain a mean, SD, and %CV from their site’s data set?
  • Calculate the measures of central tendency?